Mike O'Brien

American YouTuber, Engineer, and Digital Marketer

You might have found me via my tech review channel on YouTube, or perhaps through one of my other channels. I have been making YouTube channels since 2017 and focusing relentlessly on improving the quality of my content. I did not always plan to be a YouTuber though. 



In late 2017, I was in my senior year of college. I was pursuing simultaneous degrees in mechanical engineering and physics but I decided to start a YouTube channel on the side. Originally geared toward engineering students, my channel reached a few thousand subscribers by the first summer. After graduation, content about test-taking tips became much less interesting and I adjusted my trajectory to begin focusing more on tech. I have always loved learning about the latest product innovations and analyzing the newest phones, earbuds, watches, tablets, and laptops.  I have since ranked among the top in YouTube searches for “best earbuds,” “best smartwatches,” “best eBikes,” and much more. After just over a year of working as a new product development engineer at a major smart home company, my channel was large enough to sustain my lifestyle and I left my job. Over the years, I continued to expand my gear library, improve my video quality, and enhance the video style. The channel is still young, and I am very excited to continue to expand the horizons of the brand.  



Sponsorships / New Products: info@mikeobrienmedia.com

Press / General Inquiries: press@mikeobrienmedia.com 

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Posted on Official Google YouTube Channel

Google likes to release mashup videos with some of their favorite reviews and this year, I was selected to be a part of their Pixel 5 mashup video.

Posted on Official Samsung YouTube Channel

I was recently featured in Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro “expert opinions” mashup video released on the official Samsung YouTube channel alongside UR Average Consumer and Thao Huynh


Posted on https://sennheiser.com

I was asked by Sennheiser to be quoted on their website. 

Frequently Asked


 Are Mike O'Brien and Nate O'Brien Related?

This is easily the most common question I see in my comments. Yes. Nate is my brother and we have been working together on various business ventures since our first firewood business back in high school. We now run a bunch of blogs and YouTube channels, among other projects.

How old is Mike O'Brien

I am currently 27 years old


 How tall is Mike O'Brien

Although it might be hard to tell in my videos, I am actually 6'2″


 Who Is Mike O'Brien?

I am an American YouTuber, digital marketing specialist, blogger, and business owner. My primary YouTube channel is my tech review channel, Mike O'Brien Media, which has over 450,000 subscribers and 90 million views. I also host several other channels, including my travel channel, OBR Travel, and about four or five others which are co-hosted by my brother, Nate O'Brien.